Workers seen on Florida bridge before deadly collapse in time-lapse video

A construction crew is visible on a pedestrian bridge in Florida just before the structure's deadly collapse earlier this year, a new video released Wednesday showed.

Time-lapse video from Florida International University shows four workers standing atop the bridge using a crane hoist to perform work on the structure before it collapsed.

Officials have not yet said what the workers were doing before the collapse on the campus of Miami's Florida International University took place. The Miami Herald has filed a lawsuit to force officials to release documents regarding who ordered crews up on the structure and why they were sent there.

Last week, federal inspectors released images in a preliminary report showing cracks in the concrete of the bridge days before it collapsed.


The agency previously released photos taken Feb. 24 documenting small cracks at the ends of the bridge. The photos released last Thursday -- and featuring larger cracks -- were taken after March 10, when the prefabricated bridge was transported from a casting yard and set into place on permanent piers.

FIU Bridge 720

This March image shows the condition of a pedestrian bridge on the Florida International University campus. The bridge collapsed the next day.  (Bolton, Perez & Associates Consulting Engineers via NTSB)

Investigators interviewed employees from eight companies involved in the bridge's design and construction, the report said. Experts have also tested concrete, steel rods and a hydraulic jack. The report didn't include any test results or conclusions about what might have caused the collapse.

The bridge was to span a busy highway and canal to connect FIU's campus to the neighboring community of Sweetwater. Five people in vehicles and a bridge worker were killed in the collapse; eight other people were hurt.

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