Georgia robbers swipe $100,000 in merchandise from 15 stores, cops say

A group of burglars are still at large after stealing cellphones, computers and cash from 15 stores since late May, according to Georgia police.

Investigators in Gwinnett County say the suspects -- who apparently like to wear sagging pants -- have stolen approximately $100,000 in products from Cricket Wireless stores, hair salons and gas stations, among other Atlanta-area businesses.

“They don’t run around frantic, but seem to have a plan,” Gwinnett Police Corp. William Rundles told FOX5 Atlanta. “We want them caught.”

He added: “They use a crowbar and break in.”

Georgia robbers 2

Images captured the Georgia burglars fleeing the scene in a getaway vehicle after robbing a store.  (FOX5 Atlanta)

In one burglary in late June, the culprits made off with $4,600 in cell phones and $3,800 in cash, police said in a news release.

During the crime spree, which has reportedly been going on since late Spring, each heist has involved a range of three to five thieves. Police believe the burglars could be in their late teens or twenties.

Though they started by robbing stores in Gwinnett County, the burglars have since expanded to the nearby towns of Brookhaven and Marietta.

The Gwinnett County Police Department is asking the community to help locate the burglars. Authorities say the thieves also wear gloves and drive a BMW.

Joel Langstein is a Fox News College Associate. Follow him on Twitter at @joellangstein