NorCal man convicted for attempted suicide with daughter, 2

A man in Northern California was convicted last Wednesday for attempting to kill himself and his 2-year-old daughter, the Modest Bee reported, citing court records. 

Gerardo Ruiz-Lopez, 42, locked himself and his daughter in a closet in their Merced County home and released fumes from two five-gallon tanks on July 16, 2016, police said.  

Ruiz-Lopez's ex-girlfriend alerted authorities that she had received a "disturbing" text that led her to believe Ruiz-Lopez had killed the girl, police said. 

Authorities forced their way into the home and found Ruiz-Lopez and his daughter "limp" and "unresponsive," prosecutors said.  

According to a statement released Tuesday, police also found toys, pillows and a tablet computer along with the propane tanks. 

Ruiz-Lopez's daughter received medical attention and survived. 

A bomb squad unit worked to remove the propane tanks, while police evacuated surrounding homes. 

Ruiz-Lopez surrendered, police said. 

A jury convicted Ruiz-Lopez May 9 for attempted murder and child abuse, the Bee reported. 

During Ruiz-Lopez's initial trial, he attempted to plead not guilty by reason of insanity but was ultimately found "not legally insane" by a jury, court records show. 

Ruiz-Lopez faces seven years to life in prison. He is currently being held without bail at the John Latorraca Correctional Facility. His next hearing is set for June 7. 

Bradford Betz is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bradford_betz.