FOX NEWS FIRST: School shooting survivor refuses to stick to CNN 'script'; Trump to speak at CPAC

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Developing now, Friday, Feb. 23, 2018

  • A Parkland, Fla., massacre survivor tells Fox News he pulled out of a CNN town hall because producers rewrote his question and told him to 'stick to the script'
  • Outrage is growing after reports that a deputy never entered the Parkland, Fla., school where last week's shooting took place
  • Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicts former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and aide Rick Gates on tax and bank fraud charges
  • President Trump is expected to address CPAC on Friday
  • TUNE IN: 'Life, Liberty & Levin' hosted by Mark Levin premieres on Fox News this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

THE LEAD STORY - 'STICK TO THE SCRIPT': A Florida student says he chose not to participate in CNN's town hall debate on gun violence Wednesday because network producers rewrote his question ... Colton Haab, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were slain Feb. 14, told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" he did not attend the event when he realized it would be a "total waste of time." "They had taken what I had wrote and what I had briefed on and talked about, and they actually wrote the question for me," Haab said. "Originally, I had thought that it was going to be more of my own question and my own say. And then it turned out to be more of just a script. And [the producer] had actually said that over the phone, that I needed to stick to the script." 

CNN denies that it scripted questions for any of the participants at the town hall, which was attended by U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, both of Florida, and National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

'SICK TO MY STOMACH': Police are reportedly guarding the home of a deputy who was on patrol at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., after it was revealed he never entered the school when the Feb. 14 massacre took place ... Deputy Scot Peterson, of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, resigned Thursday after video surveillance showed he never entered the school, even though he "clearly" knew there was a shooting taking place, officials said. He was stationed on the school’s campus when a suspect identified by authorities as Nikolas Cruz opened fire with an AR-15 rifle, killing 17 people. Sheriff Scott Israel said during a news conference Thursday that video showed Peterson took up a position but "never went in." The sheriff said he believes Peterson remained outside the building for roughly four minutes, while the shooting in total lasted around six minutes. Israel said the officer never fired his weapon.

A union official said Peterson thought he did a "good job" in his response to the shooting. Sheriff Israel disagreed, telling reporters he was "devastated. Sick to my stomach. There are no words." The revelation about the school deputy's failure to act came as President Trump floated the possibility of paying teachers a "bonus” to carry concealed firearms, stressing both the importance of school security and the strengthening of some gun laws in wake of the Parkland tragedy

MUELLER CASTS WIDE NET: Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed a 32-count indictment Thursday, hitting former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and aide Rick Gates with news charges of tax evasion and bank fraud ... Manafort is specifically charged with five counts related to filing false income tax returns and four counts of failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts. Gates is accused of 11 counts related to filing false income tax returns and three counts of failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts. Both men are accused of nine counts of bank fraud and conspiracy to commit bank fraud. The new indictment comes a week after Mueller filed charges against 13 Russians, accusing them of a vast conspiracy to undermine the U.S. presidential election.

TRUMP AT CPAC: President Trump is expected to address the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for the second straight year on Friday ... While he was fresh off his inauguration and greeted as a conquering hero at last year's gathering, expect the president to use CPAC 2018 to highlight the accomplishments of his first year in office, attack the "fake news" of his detractors in the mainstream media and perhaps slam Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, Hillary Clinton and former President Obama. Trump may also address the gun control debate sparked anew by the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. Tune in to Fox News at 10 am ET to watch live coverage of President Trump's address at CPAC.

NEW SHOW: 'LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN':  Mark Levin makes his Fox News Channel hosting debut with the premiere of "Life, Liberty & Levin" this Sunday at 10 p.m. ET ...  The popular nationally syndicated radio host's program will explore the fundamental values and principles undergirding American society, culture, politics, and current events, and their relevance to the nation’s future and everyday lives of citizens. "Life, Liberty & Levin" will feature in-depth, long-form, thought-provoking interviews. On Sunday, Levin will talk to economist and syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams.



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DEMS FIRING BLANKS: "The Democrats seem to want to ban bad guys and good guys from having weapons. I don't understand why we would ban good guys." –  Jesse Watters, on "The Five," arguing the GOP has been the "party of ideas" on how to prevent mass shootings, while Democrats have not. WATCH



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EDITOR’S NOTE: After student Colton Haab said a CNN producer insisted he use a question that the network scripted for him, the student’s father, Glenn, forwarded an email to media outlets including Fox News, claiming it served as proof. On Tuesday, Feb. 27, Glenn Haab acknowledged he omitted words in that email, but added, “There was nothing malicious behind it.”