Abandoned dog found tied to tree with note from owner gets adopted

An abandoned dog tied to a tree in the woods of Virginia finally has found a “forever family.”

According to the note left attached to his neck, Zeus was abandoned by his owner because she “couldn’t afford” to care for him any longer.

The two-year-old German shepherd-Labrador retriever mix was found by the Prince George County Animal Shelter with a half-eaten bag of dog food on, what the shelter says, was the same day he was abandoned, Fox4 reported.

“Luckily we believe it was just the day he was found,” the shelter posted on Facebook. “His bag of food set out there with him was not wet and it had rained all day the day before.

The shelter shared an update on February 10 that Zeus had been adopted.

It urged pet owners that may be unable to care for their pets to reach out to their local animal shelters.

“We are always here to assist whether it be with resources that can help financially, with feeding your pet, or even with surrendering him or her to us.”