School bus full of children slides down icy road in Massachusetts, hits parked car

A school bus full of children on their way to school in Massachusetts had a terrifying ride Tuesday morning when they ended up sliding down an icy road and hitting a parked car in a scary moment captured on video.

No one was hurt in the incident about 50 miles west of Boston, but a Sutton resident who watched the frightening ordeal recorded it.

"Nothing was stopping it," Cheryl Katz told Boston 25 News. "You never want someone's car getting hit, but at the same time, I think that car was a blessing in disguise because that's the only thing that stopped the bus."

Bus Mass

The moment a school bus slid down an icy road in Massachusetts and hit a parked car was caught on video.  (Cheryl Kearney Katz)

Katz said she looked out of her window after she heard yelling outside. A man across the street was yelling at the person in the parked car as the bus lunged toward him.

"I heard him yelling: ‘Get out of your car, get out of your car,’" she said.


The bus then can be seen on video sliding down the street, knocking over Katz's mailbox before hitting the parked car. Neither vehicle was badly damaged. The bus continued heading to school afterward.

Sutton Superintendent Theodore Friend said he consulted with other school administrators and highway officials before deciding to send the buses out on Tuesday. Friend said most main roads had been treated before the crash, but some smaller roads such as the one the bus tried to drive on were not.

The superintendent told Boston 25 News the bus had middle and high school students onboard. Some of the students went to school after the crash, but others went home for the day.

The crash on Peach Tree Road was not the only incident involving Sutton school vehicles on Tuesday. Later in the day, a school van crashed into a pole. Two adults and a child were hospitalized after that crash.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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