Stranger intervenes in couple's argument, kills boyfriend, police say

A couple's late-night argument near Drexel University took a deadly turn when a stranger intervened in their fight and fatally shot the boyfriend.

Philadelphia police said the 21-year old victim and his girlfriend, a student at Drexel University, were getting into a heated argument Tuesday night outside one of the housing complexes when the alleged shooter intervened.

“The man started to walk away and the stranger confronted the man, I’m assuming to have some words about how he spoke to the woman, but they got into a pushing argument,” a witness told ABC 6 Philadelphia. “The guy with the gun backed up, pointed the gun at the guy, and fired three times.”

The man then shot the boyfriend in the chest and he was pronounced dead at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the stranger who said he did not know the couple.

Police said the shooter was not a Drexel student and an investigation is ongoing.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.