Dallas police investigating mom of two's death plunge from parking garage after mystery meeting

The family of a 26-year-old Texas woman who fell to her death under suspicious circumstances is demanding answers to what happened.

Taylor Gruwell-Miller, a mother of two children, plummeted to her death from the top of a Dallas apartment building parking garage on Sept. 23. Police on Thursday released surveillance video from the night she died in an attempt to find witnesses.

“I just want the truth,” her dad Rich Gruewell told WFAA-TV. “My daughter didn’t take her own life.”

The New York Post reported that Gruwell-Miller was with a man she met at rehab before she died. She checked into the treatment facility in August for abusing prescription drugs.

In the surveillance video, Gruwell-Miller is seen getting in a black car with the man at the parking garage.


Taylor Gruwell-Miller's death in a mysterious fall is under investigation by Dallas police  (Facebook)

The pair then drove to the top floor of the garage, according to the paper.

Police said that within minutes, Gruwell-Miller fell to her death and the man returned to the third floor of the garage alone, the paper reported.

WFAA said the man played football in college and was on probation for a drug conviction without divulging his name.

He has refused to meet with detectives but submitted a written statement that police have questioned because it contradicts what is seen in the surveillance video, according to the station.


Taylor Gruwell-Miller's two children, 2 and 4, were the biggest joy in her life, according to her obituary.  (Facebook)

Police appealed to the public for help in identifying two men seen in the surveillance video who may be witnesses.

Gruwell-Miller was divorced. She had a boy, 2, and a girl, 4. Her obituary says her children were the biggest joy in her life.


Dallas police have released surveillance video of the last time Taylor Gruwell-Miller was seen alive before mysteriously falling to her death from a parking garage.  (Dallas Police Department)

“I think there’s one person at least that knows what happened to my daughter, and I just wish that person would tell the truth, whatever that truth is,” her father told WFAA. “Just come forward and say what happened.”


Police investigating Taylor Gruewell-Miller death in a mysterious fall released surveillance video seeking witnesses.  (Dallas Police Department)