Army vet runs with American flag – and a tutu – to inspire others

There's a new superhero in town, and he goes by the name "Tutuman."

Army veteran Robert Woldhuis carries Old Glory and runs in a tutu in Wyoming, Michigan every “Fly the Flag Friday” as part of his long distance race training regimen, Fox 17 reports.

"The flag is a very important thing for me,” Woldhuis said. "The carrying the flag on Fly the Flag Friday is just getting people that are busy with their lives and busy with everyday stuff to stop for just one second and realize that a lot of people have died for this flag. A lot of people have sacrificed so much for this flag and if they just see this for one second and they remember that, then it's worth it."

Woldhuis, who charts a course each week through the town just outside of Grand Rapids, said he started wearing tutus after getting a positive reaction from spectators during a 2014 race. 

"This is just about getting people to laugh, smile a little bit and have a good time and just be in the moment," Woldhuis told Fox 17.

Woldhuis said his two oldest sons died in a car accident a decade earlier and, as a result, he ran into drug and legal problems. But he ended up turning his life around.

"Every day is a gift," Woldhuis said. "Just to be able to bring a little bit of joy and happiness into somebody's life at this point knowing where I was 10 years ago is a blessing to me."

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