Freight train derailment, fire, prompts evacuation in Pennsylvania town

A freight train partially derailed in a Pennsylvania town on Wednesday, prompting an evacuation after three train cars containing flammable liquid and a garage caught on fire. 

Several cars on the CSX freight train derailed about 5 a.m. in Hyndman, about 100 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Bedford County 911 coordinator Harry Corley said. CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle said initial reports indicated at least 32 cars derailed. 

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The train struck a residential garage during the derailment, setting it on fire when three cars also burst into flames. 

"At least one rail car containing liquified petroleum gas and at least one car containing molten sulphur have leaked and are on fire," Dootlittle said in a statement. 

The fire raged for more than two hours before firefighters were able to contain it. It's still unclear was caused the fire and how many cars contained flammable liquid asphault. 

No one was injured in the incident. Residents living within a 1-mile radius of the partial derailment were evacuated as a precaution. 

"CSX apologizes for the impact that this incident is having on the residents of Hyndman, and will continue to support first responders and the community," CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle said. 

Officials said their priority was to determine if the substance fueled the fire.

The train was traveling from Chicago to Selkirk, N.Y. at the time. The cause of the derailment is under investigation. At least 50 train cars were empty.