Uber driver picks up boyfriend's mistress at airport

Here is a modern day tragedy that would make Shakespeare proud.

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An Uber driver from Florida named Bree has revealed how she inadvertently drove her boyfriend’s mistress to his house.

Twitter user @Msixelaa took to the social media platform on Tuesday — an hour after the incident occurred — to tell how she was working a shift for the ride-sharing company when she picked a woman up from the airport.

Her retelling of the story has since gone viral.

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According to Complex, the mistress called the police and filed a police report about her stolen luggage.

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“So, what I told them, ‘cause she has no proof that I have her things, was “I do believe somebody left something in my car when they came to my job,” and it was a bag.

“A trash bag, basically, is what I gave them. Her luggage — what luggage?”

As for her career with Uber, she says she was only on her second day of a trial, and since the other woman gave her a one-star review and left a complaint with the company (shocker!) she is no longer driving for them.

Her story is now trending with the hashtag #uberbae

Story first appeared in news.com.au