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A Virginia Beach-based Navy SEAL has been charged with kidnapping and raping a fellow sailor in a hotel room near Fort Knox, Ky., according to the Navy.

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Commissaries will begin accepting the Military Star credit card in October, said officials with the commissary and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which manages the card program.

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Cindy Lewellen didn't know about any soldiers getting killed until her sister called. She went online. Three Green Berets had died at a checkpoint leading onto a military base in Jordan. Her son, Matt, had deployed to the region recently.

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  • Army to Require Soldiers to Test for Expert Action Badge
  • Troopers: Stolen National Guard Humvee Found in Ohio Garage
  • Navy SEAL Loses Rank, Gets Jail Time for Assaulting Ex
  • First US Aircraft Carrier of Trump Presidency Enters Gulf
  • Did the Air Force Dash Hopes for Building More F-22s?
  • Airman from Western NY Killed While Deployed in Middle East
  • Deadly Hornet Crash Result of Low Dive During Strafing Run
  • Marines Investigating After Sgt. Maj. Died During Exercise
  • Army Could Field Motorcycle-Style, Ballistic Helmet by 2020
  • SureFire Reinvents Its Classic Aviator Light
  • Army Still Testing Ripsaw, the 'Luxury Super Tank'
  • The First Rule of B-21 Is You Do Not Talk About B-21
  • DS Arms Cutting Prices on Short-Barreled FALs
  • Energy Drinks Can Pack Too Much Caffeine, Official Reminds Troops
  • Pvt. Murphy -- Hunting Rifle
  • PBS Explores PTSD's 'War on the Brain'
  • 5 Ways Being a Military Child Prepares You for Being an Adult
  • Here's Why DoD Schools Are Running Out of Paper and Supplies
  • Conservative Group Calls for Curbing Troops' Housing Allowances
  • Officials: Man Arrested After Going AWOL 45 Years Ago

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