New Jersey

Exotic cat escape: Feline spotted prowling New Jersey streets

One really cool cat was found prowling the streets of New Jersey this week.

The exotic Savannah — a hybrid between a domestic puss and a serval, a large, wild African feline — was discovered Thursday morning in Paterson, CBS reported.

“I cannot believe what I see, and I ask her ‘look at this,’ and I saw it’s not a regular cat,” one woman who saw the cat told the station. “I don’t know what it is.”

“That is not a regular cat,” added another woman accompanying her. “That is something like a puma.”

Animal control officer Lysa DeLaurentis told the station that these cats could grow to double or triple the size of a house cat — but they are legal as long as they’re at least one percent domestic cat.

A man told the station that he knows the cat’s owner — a man who had left his window open, allowing the feline to escape.

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