Worker rescued after scaffold collapses at Florida building

Florida building


Miami Fire Rescue’s technical rescue team has rescued a worker who was dangling from his harness after a scaffold collapsed in Key Biscayne.

The special response team from the City of Miami suited up in harnesses to rappel down to assess the situation in order to determine the best means for his rescue, and they strapped him up and rappelled down with the worker.

Maggie Castro of the Miami-Dade Technical Response Department spoke via phone to explain how these kinds of rescues unfold.  “It appears they’re going to send someone over the edge, lower them to the patient and assess the patient and his harness,” she said. “They have secured the victim with a secondary line in case his line gives way. Now, the technician is going to be lowered down to the patient.”

Key Biscayne Fire Rescue initially responded to reports of a person hanging from the 12th floor as a result of the scaffold’s collapse. That seems to be about where the scaffold collapsed on one side after some sort of malfunction.

The worker is hanging all the way down to the ninth floor and has one foot on a windowsill, as rescuers talk to the man from an adjacent balcony. A Key Biscayne Fire rescuer is holding on to a rope that they have attached to the victim.

A City of Miami Fire rescuer later rappelled down to the patient to  attach a second line to add security to the harness and that second line.

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