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In the wake of the revelation that a large group of active-duty Marines is under investigation for sharing nude photos of female troops without their consent, a senior congressman is calling on the Marine Corps to take swift and decisive action.

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Several posters that had been on display for at least six years were removed from a wall at Langley Air Force Base after the National Organization for Women and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation complained that they were sexist, according to the Air Force.

By Brock Vergakis | Read more

A pilot has been kicked out of the Navy for recording female officers aboard the USS John C. Stennis two years ago.

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  • Army Close to Final Jungle Boot Design
  • Fathers of Slain Green Berets Accuse Jordanian of Murder
  • SEALs Punished for Flying Trump Flag on Highway
  • Navy CO Fired After Ship Runs Aground in Japan
  • 3rd Woman to Attempt Air Force Battlefield Training
  • Impending Pilot Shortage, a Developing National Crisis
  • US Marines Move into Syria with Howitzers
  • Among Marine Vets Targeted By Facebook Groups, a Plea for Change
  • Revision to Make New Army Helmets
  • Ritter & Stark Unveils New SLX Short-Action Rifle
  • Report: Navy Should Base Stealthy Zumwalt Destroyers in South Korea
  • Army Working to Double Range of 155mm Howitzer
  • US Stryker Combat Vehicles Seen Near Syrian Flashpoint Town
  • Boeing to Enter Huey Replacement Competition With MH-139 Variant
  • Sound Off: Should Guardsmen and Reservists With Zero Active Duty Call Themselves Veterans?
  • Meet Kim Barker, the Real Reporter Who Inspired ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’g
  • Spouses React to Nude Photo Scandal With Shock and Disgust (Mostly)
  • Cash-Back Options Return to AAFES Registers
  • Aboard Ford, Trump Promises 12 Carriers, Record Navy Growth
  • Courts Nix VA's Slow Roll on Emergency Care Claims

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