Pawn shop receipt, license lead police to carjacking suspect

Police say a carjacking suspect in Maryland left behind two key clues when he later crashed the car: his license and a pawn shop receipt for a $6,000 violin.

Authorities say 27-year-old Michael Rothenberg was arrested Monday on armed robbery and armed carjacking charges. Police say Rothenberg stole a Lexus from a woman at gunpoint in Rockville last week. Inside was the violin.

Days later, police say Rothenberg robbed a 7-Eleven and a gas station and wrecked the Lexus. He fled in another carjacked vehicle.

Inside the Lexus, police say they found Rothenberg's driver's license and a receipt showing the violin had been sold to a pawn shop for $200. It was recovered and returned to its owner.

It's unclear if Rothenberg has an attorney.