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Marines' Nude Photo-Sharing Scandal Prompts Calls for Justice

  • Not condoning this act but! How in the Hell did these get out in the first place? I wonder what the subjects thought when they allowed the pictures to be taken in the first place. Not very smart Ladies (A term I use loosely). They ones taken illegally are a crime and should be punished severely! -- Ed1941
  • The majority of the photos were not taken with the consent of the women. And for those who *were* taken with consent, consent does not extend to 'sharing it online with millions of strangers.' That's like saying "I consented to having sex with my boyfriend of 5 years, so therefore I consented to having sex with all his friends, too." -- Warranted

Aboard Ford, Trump Promises 12 Carriers, Record Navy Growth

  • Only an idiot would believe that the Liar in Chief can add 12 carriers to the military force. First, how are they going to pay for them? Anybody remember this little thing the GOP imposed, called "Sequester?" Every GOP House and Senate member has signed a pledge not to raise taxes for ANY reason. Adding 12 carriers will add over 100,000 sailors to the force. -- MadMax24
  • The Navy needs the 12 carriers for rotational purposes. Obama did not care if he killed sailors with extended deployments. Trump does. Trump will also have a carrier group in the Persian Gulf for helping in the air war against ISIS. It will also help defend Israel.

Army Puts Muslim in Charge of Division's Spiritual Needs

  • It's insane. Only an ordained minister of a Christian tradition can or should minister professionally to a Christian. There are even circumstances under which a Protestant minister is unable to provide full ministerial service to a Roman Catholic. -- UF
  • To those posters who are suggesting to read history. Let me tell you something use full. In the late 16th and early 17th centuries poor Muslims captured mainly from Africa were brought to America as slaves where they were force converted to Christianity. As we all know "History repeats itself" so the time has come. -- kaamAdmi

McCain, Thornberry: Trump's Proposed Defense Spending Hike Not Enough

  • We need to rethink our commitments and reprogram the money we already spend. The absolutely greatest impact Trump could have would be in reshaping the institution itself to fix procurement and understand why US military operations cost so much. -- give_me_a_break
  • Where was mccain with obama's defense budget. Still trying to make Trump look bad because he's a crybaby and got his feelings hurt when Trump said he wasn't a war hero. -- old fashion

Slain SEAL's Father Calls for Expanded Investigation of Yemen Raid

  • As one who lost a loved one during Vietnam, I'm not surprised that a parent's first instinct and desperation is focused on finding out the how's and why's of losing their child. He should be respected, not ridiculed. -- suzita pagina
  • Over fifty SEALs died during Obama's presidency. Now. all of a sudden, the liberals are very concerned about this war, and the dangers that come with it. -- pcvirginiabeach

Restaurant Tells American Legion Officers to Remove Vests

  • Shows how stupid the newer generation is.. No respect for those who served this country and a company that thinks backwards. Boycott that business and see their bottom line tank. -- 34233063
  • They are 100% correct, American Legion is not a gang in a gang sense, but Dave and Busters is correct, the vest with patches is no different then a biker gang. All a biker gang would have to do is use the same patches and Dave & Busters would have to let them in if they allow the Legion in with the vests. -- TrueAmerican56

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