Unearthed drawings prompt man's search to ID World War II heroes

A family recently discovered a hidden portfolio of sketches that included pictures of unidentified men who served in World War II.

Ira Dube found his deceased father's artwork hidden in his sister’s attic. None of the sketches have any legible names. Dube believes all the remaining 15 sketches are from the 27 Infantry Division and 105 Infantry Regiment, according to Fox 21.

“[These men] need to be remembered and honored and I just want to find them a home,” Dube told the Colorado news station.

The report did not identify where Dube lives.

Dube’s father served in the Central Pacific between 1941 and 1945 and could have sketched the portraits in either San Francisco, Saipan or Hawaii. Dube believes the men are from New York.

Finding a home for these sketches has proven to be a challenge for Dube.

“I knew when I found these, the chances of finding any of them alive was slim,” he told Fox 21.

Anyone that recognizes the men in the artwork is urged to email Dube told the news station that, “it would be the ending in a chapter of a book."