Timeline: Events related to shooting death of Saints' Smith

On Dec. 5, New Orleans resident Cardell Hayes will go on trial in the shooting death of Will Smith, a former New Orleans Saints player whose shooting death earlier this year shocked the country. Here's a look at the timeline of events related to the case:

— April 9: A driver in a Hummer runs into the back of Smith's SUV. An argument ensues. Smith is fatally shot and his wife Raquel is wounded in the legs. Hayes is arrested on the scene.

— April 11: Surveillance video shows Smith's SUV bumping Hayes' Hummer, moments before the crash that preceded the shooting.

— April 12: Police say they found a loaded handgun in Smith's car, that Hayes told officers on the scene he was the shooter and that in addition to the .45 used in the shooting officers found a revolver in Hayes' vehicle.

— April 13: An attorney for Smith's family holds wide-ranging news conference during which he says Smith didn't brandish a gun during the altercation and had a concealed-carry permit. But a lawyer for Hayes says a witness saw Smith with a gun that night. A coroner says Smith was shot seven times in the back and once on the side.

— April 15: Hayes' lawyer calls for the New Orleans police to recuse themselves from the investigation, calling into question their competency and honesty; the request is later rejected.

— April 16: Funeral services are held for Smith.

— April 28: Grand jury indicts Hayes for second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence, and attempted second-degree murder.

— May 5: Smith's wife Racquel accepts his posthumous degree from the University of Miami.

— June 3: A defense lawyer says test results show Smith was legally drunk the night he died.

— July 14: Hayes' lawyer tries to get the New Orleans District Attorney's Office off the case, saying the DA made "baseless and inflammatory" statements about him in a report sent to law enforcement agencies.

— July 22: The judge refuses to remove the New Orleans DA and his staff from the Hayes case.

— Oct. 28: Smith's wife Racquel makes her first public marks since Smith's death, speaking when he was inducted into the Saints' Hall of Fame

— Nov. 16: Judge rules the jury will be sequestered during Hayes' trial, which begins Dec. 5.