Turkey falls out of truck, saves itself from slaughter

mon ami dali turkey

Meet the luckiest unlucky turkey

A turkey named Mon Ami Dali saved its own life after falling out of a truck on the way to the slaughterhouse. But that was just the beginning of Mon Ami Dali’s long journey.

After falling out of the truck, Mon Ami got stuck in Hurricane Mathew in North Carolina. Mon Ami was rescued by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, but because of the hurricane, the sanctuary was full and couldn’t take any more animals.

So Carolina Waterfowl Rescue called Julie Ito Morales, who with her husband Jaime, runs Stick House Sanctuary. Morales agreed to take Mon Ami along with two roosters, four hens, three diamond doves and three ducks. Morales also helped Carolina Waterfowl find a new home for other animals while the driver made his way to Texas.


“I connected them with other facilities between North Carolina and Texas so that they brought additional animals and dropped them off at other sanctuaries as well,” said Julie Ito Morales.

Taking in Mon Ami has had a big impact on the Morales family. Before Mon Ami arrived, Julie Morales was a vegan but Jaime Morales was vegetarian. Since Mon Ami has arrived at Stick House Sanctuary, Jaime has decided to become a vegan.

“I think it’s having complete understanding of suffering of animals, the process, and seeing how young Mon Ami is,” said Julie.

Julie explained that when Mon Ami arrived at the sanctuary he was very fearful of humans. Mon Ami was especially fearful of Jaime’s farm boots and hat, likely because that’s what the farmers wore when they handled him and took him to slaughter. After some time to get to know each other, Mon Ami now runs to Jaime with excitement whenever they see each other.

“Just seeing such a sweet animal be so fearful because of certain things, it’s really heartbreaking,” said Julie.

But now they’ve become friends with Mon Ami.

“He’s just such a happy, playful animal,” said Julie.