Tufts University gives students guidelines for Halloween sex


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Tufts University, like a number of colleges nationwide, is cracking down on offensive costumes. But not content to ruin only one aspect of Halloween, leaders of the Tufts Greek community also announced that, barring express written privilege, Halloween sex is also (mostly) outlawed.

In a letter sent to Tufts Greek community, citing the Dean of Student Affairs, several prominent students in leadership wax poetic about creating a “safe space” in which Halloween can be enjoyed without threat of offense, cultural appropriation or violent messaging. 

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It even threatens possible criminal sanctions for sending hurtful messages with your Halloween attire.

But more importantly, the letter warns, keep your little goblin in your pants this Halloween, or risk allegations of sexual assault. “Furthermore, an increase of sexual assaults has occurred during this weekend in past years. This year, we want to break that trend. Consent is necessary for any and all sexual activity,” it proclaims.

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