Oklahoma University students mount protest over 'otherization,' use of gender pronouns

The campus of Oklahoma University.

The campus of Oklahoma University.  (AP Photo)

Students at Oklahoma University have taken to Twitter to share what they are describing as incidents of discrimination and harassment and draw attention to the university’s failed efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Using the hashtag #yOUrbad, students have been sharing stories about microagressions they face, the hostile climate on campus for People of Color, and other such violations of the norms of inclusion and tolerance.

The originator of the effort, management information systems senior Emily Pham, tells the OU Daily student newspaper that she was angered that the university recently received an award for its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion on campus.

“I think (OU President David Boren) is only pleased to be recognized for a goal that the university has yet to attain,” she said. “If it’s a goal that you don’t follow through on and you don’t commit your efforts to building an inclusive experience for people of color, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA and other groups at OU, then your diversity numbers are worth nothing.”

By Thursday morning, dozens of students had complained about a number of problems still faced by the university. Among them:



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