Cornell is hiring a dean of students whose job it will be to promote diversity on campus and protect the delicate sensibilities of Cornell’s next crop of Ivy League social justice warriors.

So far, though, the interview process isn’t going particularly well for one top candidate, Vijay Pendakur, who held a “diversity townhall” with students to persuade them to support his candidacy. He hit all the right notes at first, stressing social justice as a “marathon and not a sprint,” committing to elevating the dialogue on “campus inclusion” and making “trans-inclusion” a formative part of his tenure.

And then, he dared to say that he’d consider all students when making decisions as the dean of students. “If I say, ‘The dean’s area of focus is diversity and inclusion,’ the unspoken thought in response often is, ‘Oh, so he’s here for only the marginalized students,'” he told the crowd. “So we need to undo that, because that is a deeply problematic framework. If we’re going to make progress, it needs to be everyone’s conversation.”

Obviously, that was the wrong answer. And while it was merely one sentence in an otherwise perfectly SJW appeal, the school’s “vice president for diversity of inclusion” was immediately scandalized.

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