Cop who used pepper spray on handcuffed suspect suspended

A Texas police officer is facing disciplinary action after he was caught on video using pepper spray on a handcuffed suspect, Fox 7 reported.

Officer Cameron Caldwell of the Austin Police Department was suspended for 45 days without pay, following a disciplinary review hearing on Tuesday, according to the station.

The punishment stems from a March 17 incident in which Caldwell used pepper spray on a handcuffed man who was arrested for public intoxication.

The man, identified as Tyrone Wilson, was kicking the doors of a prisoner transport van after authorities apprehended him. Caldwell reportedly asked Wilson to stop and then sprayed him in the face when he did not comply. The incident was reportedly captured on cellphone video.

Chief Art Acevedo said Cadwell used excessive force in trying to control Wilson.

"There was no exigency for him to just open the door, pepper spray him and close the door," Acevedo said of Caldwell, according to the station. "We are better than that."

"You need to immobilize the legs, that's the way we're trained," he said. "When people are using their legs to kick at the officers, to kick at equipment, kick out windows or do the things that people do when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, mental illness or just angry -- you have to immobilize the legs."

The Peaceful Streets Project, which recorded the incident on video, has said Caldwell's punishment is too lenient.

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