Stanford University has been forced to take down a website that cautioned new female students about the potential hazards of excessive alcohol consumption after feminists on campus complained that it “protects campus racists” by taking “victim-blaming to a whole new level.”

The website, called “Female Bodies and Alcohol,” was part of a new effort by Stanford to address what feminists call the “rampant” sexual violence on campus. The effort included banning large containers of booze, and what administrators thought was a helpful treatise on the effects of large quantities of alcohol on the human body.

According to the site, which is now only available in screenshots, women need to be more careful than men when consuming alcohol. “A woman will get drunk faster than a man consuming the same amount of alcohol,” the website said. “Optimize the positive effects of alcohol and avoid negative consequences.”

The site also warned women that appearing drunk might make them easier targets for sexual predators: “Research tells us that women who are seen drinking alcohol are perceived to be more sexually available than they may actually be,” it read. “Individuals who are even a little intoxicated are more likely to be victimized than those who are not drinking.”

It also warned women that men who have consumed alcohol might be “more responsive to erotic stimuli, including rape scenarios,” and that being drunk might lead men to justify being more aggressive with their sexual partners.

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