10 Gadgets That Can Make Your Summer Travels Easier

For many, the summer is a time to hit the road or fly to a new destination. Of course, though, travel comes with a few woes: Dying devices, uncomfortable airport chairs, limited room on airplanes. It's the price we pay for an experience that will hopefully overshadow these annoyances.

To make your travels a bit easier, take advantage of some of these gadgets featured in the ultimate travel catalog, Skymall:

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1. Laptop beverage holder


It can be a real challenge to get some work done and drink coffee while in the airport. This handy gadget provides a solution: it's a beverage holder that attaches to your laptop so you can enjoy your coffee and the sense of actually being productive while at the airport.

2. Smartphone stand


Trying to watch a movie, film or documentary while on the go? It certainly gets old trying to hold that device up for a long period of time, let alone enjoying those complimentary peanuts at the same time.

Fortunately, the In Your Face Flexible Holder for Smartphones” can help. Just clip it on to your tray table and you’re good to go.

3. Backpack with a portable battery


According to the Skymall website, the Bolt Backpack “is designed for working warriors who demand power day in and day out.” The item comes with a built-in 4000 mAh battery that can provide an additional 25 hours of battery life.

4. Solar power radio

SkyMall This water-resistant solar radio

5. Carry-on work station


Sometimes, traveling can cause nothing but frustration, especially when there’s loads of work to be done. It may help a bring a mini version of your office with you. What appears to be a laptop bag is actually a portable carry on-sized workstation. It can be strapped onto a tray table that can fold up in case you need to move, complete with compartments for chargers, computers and other devices.

6. Waterproof charger


Especially when traveling, it may be hard to find an outlet to juice up your devices. The “ Poseidon 10,000 mAh Rugged Waterproof Portable Charger” may help you out in those trying times.

7. Smart luggage tracker


Losing your luggage sucks. The Global Tracker Smart Luggage can be tracked anywhere in the world. Lightweight, it looks just like normal luggage and comes with a year of tracking services.

8. Digital luggage scale


Though you might have a scale available at home to ensure compliance before heading out on that next adventure, the same might not be true in preparation for the return trip. Small and portable, the digital luggage scale can handle bags up to 90 pounds and has a large digital display and two batteries.

9. GPS homing device


Of course, the most important aspect of traveling is actually knowing where you’re going.

Even with a good sense of direction, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan that’s durable and dependable. This GPS homing device can hook right onto your keychain. With the press of a button, mark your location and refer to the GPS when it’s time to find your way back.

10. Bluetooth car locator


We’ve all been there -- struggling to find your car in a massive parking lot with rows and rows of vehicles, helplessly pressing the panic button. Instead, why not plug this bad boy in and sync it up to your phone, using bluetooth to find your way back.