Bartender-Approved Tips for Negotiating Deals at the Bar

Bartenders have seen it all. And when it comes to business meetings at a bar, they often know from a glance if things are going well -- or when they're heading for a spill. Let the insights from these three barkeeps guide you -- and make your next meeting a success.

Always be on

“When you’re bartending, someone is always watching you. You may have had a terrible day, but you never let it show. And when conducting business, you're also on a stage and need to put everything into your performance and maintain the positive energy.”

—Simon Ford, cofounder of spirits brand The 86 Co.

Stay ahead

“You have to be prepared. If you don’t come in early and do your prep work, then you’re going to be toast. Most people think that entrepreneurs are big risk-takers, but a more important trait is to be detail-oriented. Bartenders thrive on that.”

—Henry Sidel, founder and president of Joto Sake

Love your audience

“It’s important to relate to everybody on some level. Just like in a bar, it’s the people who believe in you—the regulars—who become the most valuable supporters.”

—Doc Hendley, founder and president of Wine To Water, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing clean water and sanitation to the world

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