A 12-pound monkey named Dizzy continued making a monkey out of staff members at a Massachusetts zoo Wednesday, eluding capture since it turned a doorknob and walked out of its enclosure Tuesday.

Employees temporarily closed the Zoo in Forest Park, in Springfield, as they tried to recapture the monkey. Zoo officials say Dizzy poses no harm to the public.

A worker was cleaning the monkey's enclosure and had walked out to help a visitor when Dizzy twisted a doorknob and let itself out, the zoo said on its website.

Something like that had never happened before, the zoo said.

The monkey is described as a guenon, an African monkey with bold colors on its fur.

Staff members located Dizzy inside the zoo and were trying to get the animal back into its pen on Tuesday afternoon, but a spectator threw an object at Dizzy, spooking the monkey and causing it to run away.

Since that incident the zoo has asked the public and media to keep away, WCVB reported.

"This could take days, so we appreciate your cooperation," the zoo said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.