'Shady persons of color': College protesters apply scornful tag to dissenting minorities

In another example of liberal intolerance of opposing views on campus, one former Claremont McKenna College student tells 'On the Record' how she was labeled a 'Shady Person of Color' by her classmates


A group of liberal activists at Claremont McKenna College in California called out minority students and faculty who disagreed with their cause by placing them on a “shady person of color” list, the Claremont Independent reports.

Students involved in racial protests on the campus in November circulated a list of public demands, such as the resignation of the college dean and the creation of a permanent “safe space” on campus.

A private version of this document, however, also includes, for reasons unknown, a list of SPOCs — Shady Persons of Color, a term that was often invoked on campus at the height of the protests — arranged as members of a royal court: King, Queen, Prince, “Ignorant” and Court Jester.

The list includes the names of minority CMC students and faculty who protest leaders believe have disrespected their movement by expressing some form of disagreement with the protesters. The “King” SPOC was Brandon Gonzalez, the assistant dean of admissions, who led a diversity initiative that protesters found problematic. “Queen” SPOC Hannah Oh was the editor-in-chief of the Claremont Independent, the campus paper, who criticized the protesters' tactics in an op-ed.

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