Grenade near highway stalls traffic as bomb squad rushes in

highway grenade 54

 (Fox 12)

A bomb squad rushed in after a work crew spotted a grenade on the side of a freeway in Washington state, slowing down Tuesday morning traffic.

"It had these metal spikes, and I got a better look and it looked like this grenade with the pin still in it," crew supervisor Jerry Rubadue told Fox 12.

The grenade turned up on Interstate 5 in Vancouver, on the Oregon border. The bomb squad destroyed it in short order.

State officials said they weren't entirely sure how much damage the grenade could have done. “It could have been used as a display; it could have been used as a booby trap,” Trooper Will Finn told the Columbian.

Rubadue said he's found plenty of dangerous items on the side of a road. "I've found several weapons, like 4-5 handguns by now. A shotgun. I find cash registers."

Crews closed a lane of traffic for about an hour while the bomb squad worked.

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