USC cancels video games panel due to lack of women


America’s premier game-design program canceled an all-star industry panel last week for the sole reason that the lineup was all-male.

The University of Southern California was able to attract some of the biggest talent in the industry to their April 20 event: head game designer at Blizzard, Jeffrey Kaplan; CEO of Riot Games, Brandon Beck; and head of Infinity Ward, David Stohl — among others.

As reported by the Daily Trojan, not only would students have been able to hear from these titans of the game industry, they could have showcased their games to the panelists as well.

What a cool, possibly life-changing event for the students at USC. It would be a shame if people’s feelings got in the way….

Well, just four hours prior to the event, the whole thing was cancelled. And the reason given was it had to be shut down because of the all-male panel — as explained on the Facebook page of the University of Southern California Interactive Media & Games Division: It featured an all-male panel that did not reflect "a diverse and inclusive games industry."

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