The Customer Isn't Always Right: Watch Prince Kick Kim Kardashian off his Stage

Prince was famously demanding on the members of his band, fining them very real dollar amounts for onstage musical mess ups. Turns out he was just as demanding on his audience. In this video from 2011, Prince is seen pulling up crowd members to shake what their momma's gave them. And as Kim Kardashian learns in this video, when Prince tells you to dance, you'd better dance or you get the high-heeled boot.

After Kim kind of just stands there (in her defense, we're not so sure if we'd be able to confidentally break into The Robot in front of a movin' and groovin' musical icon) Prince commands her to, "Get off the stage!"

Like Seinfeld's Soup Nazi, at a Prince show, the customer is never right. No stage for you, Kim!