Ohio man allegedly stuffed $230,000 in cocaine in modified shoes

cocaine shoes 310

 (Ohio State Highway Patrol)

Authorities in Ohio said they arrested a man earlier this month who stuffed more than $230,000 worth of cocaine into three pairs of shoes.

Essex Jamal Clark, 47, was initially pulled over in a rental van for a traffic violation. At some point, a drug-sniffing dog was called to the scene and discovered a small bag of cocaine in the vehicle, Fox 59 reported.

After a further investigation, police found three pairs of modified shoes with six packages of cocaine worth more than $230,000, the report said. Clark allegedly was wearing a pair.

Clark was charged with possession and trafficking in cocaine as well as possession of criminal tools. The report said he also was cited for following too closely.

FoxNews.com’s Edmund DeMarche contributed to this report.