Evangelist, YouTube star discusses whether swearing is a sin

The Bible emphasizes the true weight of words and how they serve as a reflection of ourselves and God, says evangelical speaker Jefferson Bethke.

In his "Monday Message" posted to YouTube, Bethke discusses the gravity our words carry and answers the question: "Is swearing a sin?"

The answer to this question may not be as "black and white" as it first seems, Bethke says, although Christians can look to the Bible for the answer as it has "a ton to say about our speech, our words, our mouth."

Bethke points to James 3 which states that the same mouth Christians use to praise God is the same mouth used to mock or gossip about others.

"When we make fun of someone, or reap pain, or gossip, or damage upon them, we are actually assaulting our Creator," Bethke argues.

He goes on to explain that a Christian doesn't have to say a traditional "curse word" to speak out against their Creator, but this verse applies to anyone who partakes in gossip or mockery of their fellow man.

While hurtful words damage a Christian's relationship with God, they also make a bad impression on non-Christians. Followers of Christ have a responsibility to speak lovingly so they may represent what it means to be a real Christian, Bethke says.

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