Leader of Phoenix-area NAACP offers to resign after crude comments to reporter

The head of the Phoenix-area NAACP branch has offered to resign after coming under fire for his comments about a female reporter.

Phoenix New Times reporter Ray Stern captured audio of the 77-year-old Don Harris making a crude remark to Stern about another reporter's appearance.

Harris, the head of Maricopa County's NAACP branch, made the comment Wednesday after attending a community meeting about a photo in which Desert Vista High School students spelled out a racial slur.

Harris says he emailed the NAACP branch's executive board members after the story broke to offer his resignation. He told the Arizona Republic that he is leaving the final decision in the board's hands.

The Rev. Jarrett Maupin was facilitating the talks Wednesday. He has called Harris' comments "misogynistic" and called for his resignation.