Rick Warren at Refugee Summit: 'If We're Not Helping, I Doubt Our Christianity'

Rep. Richard Hudson provides insight on 'The Real Story'


A number of Christian church leaders, including Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren, spoke out about the vital need for believers to follow Jesus' footsteps and help refugees at the GC2 Summit at Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois, on Wednesday.

The conference featured a number of sessions focused on the ongoing refugee crisis that is gripping the world, most notably with the millions of people in Syria and the surrounding region fleeing civil war and seeking refuge in Western nations. Evangelical pastors spoke alongside relief groups, such as World Vision and World Relief, about the urgent need for the Church in America to get involved and help in meaningful ways.

Rick Warren focused his message to the audience at Naperville, alongside all those watching via live stream, on the life and mission of Jesus Christ, and urged believers to care about the things that Jesus cared about.

"Jesus loves the Church, and he loves the world," Warren said.

The Saddleback pastor also pointed out that Christ was indifferent to things such as personal danger, politics, and even religious traditions — "He valued relationships much more than rules," he added.

"Jesus never got angry at irreligious people. He only got mad at people who should know better. All of the woes in Matthew 23 and Luke 11 are for religious people. And that's why the common people and the street people loved Jesus. The only people who had a problem with Jesus were the religious ones. When Jesus saw people taking advantage of the poor, he got angry," the pastor continued.

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