New Polling Show Cruz and Trump in Tight Battle; Sanders Eating Into Clinton's Lead

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a CNN town hall at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a CNN town hall at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Monday, Jan. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Less than a week to go before the crucial Iowa caucuses. Lots of campaign events during our hours today. 

1000EST -- OH Gov Kasich holds a town hall meeting. Molly's Tavern, New Boston, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1030EST -- Sen Cruz makes a Clarke County retail stop. Oswald Barn/High Point Genetics, Osceola, IA. LIVE via LiveU

1030EST -- Sen Rubio holds a town hall meeting. American Legion Post 34, Oskaloosa, IA. LIVE via LiveU

1230EST -- OH Gov Kasich holds a town hall meeting. Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH. LIVE via LiveU

1245EST -- Sen Cruz makes a Monroe County retail stop. Quality Ag Building, Albia, IA. BABY POOL COVER

1315EST -- Sen Rubio holds a town hall meeting. Marshalltown Community College, Marshalltown, IA. LIVE via LiveU


1100EST -- Sen Sanders meets with United Steelworkers Local 310L. Des Moines, IA. LIVE via LiveU


New Fox polls out last night show Bernie Sanders eating into Hillary Clinton’s lead in both Iowa and nationally. Unlike other recent polls, in the Fox News polls Clinton still leads in Iowa among likely caucus voters. Clinton gets 48% to Sanders 42%.


There was a Democratic Town Hall last night where all three Democratic candidates had an opportunity to answer questions from a live (and taped) audience. Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton for her vote to authorize the war in Iraq. He also jabbed her on the Keystone Pipeline, her ties to Wall Street and Free Trade Deals.

Clinton was milder in her criticism of Sanders suggesting his ideas were nice, but unrealistic. She also got in a few good lines in response to an audience member who suggested some felt she was dishonest, "They throw all this stuff at me, and I'm still standing," Clinton said, adding that the attacks come "because I've been on the front lines of change and progress since I was your age. Don't get discouraged. It's hard. If it were easy, hey, there wouldn't be any contest. But it's not easy. There are very different visions, different values, different forces at work, and you have to have somebody who is a proven fighter -- somebody who has taken them on and won, and kept going, and will do that as president."

New Quinnipiac polling out today on the GOP race. Trump gets 31% to 29% for Ted Cruz. The war of words between the two men is also intensifying.


The New York Times Jonathan Martin today writes,

“Republican leaders are growing alarmed by the ferocious ways the party’s mainstream candidates for president are attacking one another, and they fear that time is running out for any of them to emerge as a credible alternative to Donald J. Trump or Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Leaders of the Republican establishment, made up of elected officials, lobbyists and donors, are also sending a message to the mainstream candidates, such as former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, that they should withdraw from the race if they do not show strength soon.”


It looks like it’s going to be another rocky day on Wall Street. Oil prices again fell below $30. Chinese stocks fell to their lowest level in more than a year on more slowdown fears.


Apple earnings after the bell today should give an idea of whether or not growth is slowing at the tech giant.


Two anti-abortion activists were indicted in Texas over a series of Planned Parenthood undercover videos.


Five cases of Zika virus have been confirmed in the United States. Now El Salvador is advising women not to get pregnant until 2018 so they can figure the disease out. There’s growing concern that it could be spread sexually. Scary stuff.


Good news in the fight against Diabetes. Researchers in the U.K. and U.S. may be getting closer to a cure for type 1 diabetes. We’ll add a guest.


The East Coast still digging out. New York City is pretty much back in business albeit with messy streets. Some schools remain closed in the tri-state area. In DC, however, schools and the federal government are still shut down. Two economicsts put the economic costs at 2.5-3 billion dollars. 42 people are dead.


President Obama banned solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders. Critics call it overreach.


The President also set today to expand Americans access to retirement accounts.


The Wall Street Journal today reporting that Europe is worried about new Islamic State attacks.  The WSJ writes, “At least two of the terrorists involved the Paris attacks traveled on the migrant route through Greece using Syrian passports and posing as refugees. On Monday, France's interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, warned that Islamic State is producing fake passports on an industrial scale.” 

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