'It's like selling kids bombs': Dad blames hoverboard for fire that killed 2 dogs

David Carpenter's dogs Boo and Bella.

David Carpenter's dogs Boo and Bella.  (KTVU)

The father who bought his daughter a hoverboard for Christmas is blaming the toy for sparking a devastating fire Tuesday evening that gutted his home in Santa Rosa, Calif., and killed his two beloved dogs.

The fire broke out at about 5 p.m. while the dogs, Bella and Boo, were sleeping in the bedroom with the hoverboard, KTVU reported. It is believed that at one point the hoverboard caught fire and killed the dogs.

The fire was controlled by firefighters within 15 minutes.

“Just too much smoke, I guess,” said David Carpenter, the homeowner, who went on to say he was thankful that the fire didn’t occur late at night while his daughter was sleeping. “Or I might not have my daughter.”

The Santa Rosa Fire Department reportedly notified the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission about the blaze and the A3 Original Transboard hoverboard, powered by a lithium ion battery. The commission has said it is investigating these fires across the country.

“It’s like selling kids bombs,” Carpenter told

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