A 2-year-old Idaho boy missing since July wasn’t attacked by a wild animal or kidnapped, according to a private investigator who says the boy was likely not abducted, but could have been killed -- either accidentally or intentionally.

DeOrr Kunz hasn’t been seen since disappearing from his family’s campsite near the Timber Creek Reservoir in Leodore, Idaho, July 10. His parents told a local newspaper they believe the boy was abducted.

But Texas private eye Philip Klein said in a press release Saturday that his firm determined there was no evidence to support that theory or that the boy had been killed by a wild animal, the Idaho State Journal reported.

The paper reported that Klein Investigations and Consulting had not ruled out the case as a death-- either accidental or with intent.

“For the past six weeks investigators in the DeOrr Kunz Jr. case have pored over 1,000 documents, conducted over 80 interviews, and conducted over 500 man hours of investigation in the case,” the press release said, according to the Journal.

As part of the investigation, the firm debunked reports that the disappearance might be linked to a black Jeep that was in the area at the time, the paper said. There was no Jeep, the investigation found.

The firm believes the case is solvable and is moving forward with its investigation, the paper reported.

DeOrr’s parents, Jessica Mitchell and Deorr Kunz Sr., of Idaho Falls, said they left their son with his great-grandfather while they went off to explore the area. The great-grandfather, however, believed the boy was with his parents.

A law enforcement official told FoxNews.com in July the area surrounding the campsite is "steep" and "mountainous." In the days after the boy disappeared, more than 100 searchers went looking for him.

DeOrr was last seen wearing a camouflage jacket, blue pajamas and cowboy boots, according to police.