Wife bites off husband's ear during argument about beer, cops say

Jamie Elrod was arrested after her husband's ear was bitten off.

Jamie Elrod was arrested after her husband's ear was bitten off.  (Stearns County Jail)

A Minnesota woman took a page out of Mike Tyson’s playbook when she bit off her husband’s ear during an argument on Friday, according to a statement of probable cause by The Smoking Gun.

Jamie Elrod, 37, of St. Cloud, faces a first-degree assault charge, the St. Cloud Times reported. Her husband has not been identified except by the initials J.D.E. in the probable cause document.

The couple had allegedly been out drinking and Elrod “had a hairy buffalo drink and she gets out of hand when she has those.”

The pair began arguing about beer and, when J.D.E. walked into the bedroom, Elrod followed and allegedly attacked him.

When police arrived, they found blood in the kitchen, blood spattered on a bedroom wall, blood on Elrod’s left hand and on her clothes. Part of J.D.E.’s ear was missing and “a piece of an ear” was found in a bedroom at the apartment.

J.D.E. initially claimed he was in a fight downtown, but then told police his wife tore off a portion of his ear.

“The defendant appeared intoxicated as the defendant was lethargic, had glossy eyes, and the strong odor of alcohol was coming from her breath,” the probable cause statement said. “When asked what happened to J.D.E.’s ear, the defendant stated she had no idea.”

A review of subsequent jail phone calls, however, shows Elrod telling her mom a different story.

“When J.D.E. reached for her, she bit his ear. When J.D.E. pulled back, she ripped his ear off,” the statement said. “The defendant can also be heard telling her ‘mom’ to contact J.D.E. and make sure he does not talk to the police.”