San Bernardino terror attack remains one of our top stories today. The female terrorist Tashfeen Malik spoke openly and often about her terror sympathies and desire to commit jihad on social media in the time before she came to the United States. Despite that she passed 3 background checks by immigration officials, and was able to get legal status in the U.S.

A three day search of a lake near the scene of the massacre turned up nothing according to reports. Enrique Marquez.. a former neighbor of the couple and close friend is cooperating, and has so far not been charged. The FBI reportedly saying Farook Syed has ties to a group of jihadists arrested in California three years ago on ties to Al Qaeda.

President Obama will speak on national security and the campaign against ISIS after being briefed by his national security team this morning. His comments set for 12:30 from the Pentagon.

195 nations signed a historic climate deal in Paris Saturday. It commits nearly every nation on earth to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.

Iowa has a new front-runner. Three new polls have the conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz on top in Iowa.. the first caucus state. Those polls include the respected Des Moines Register poll (with Bloomberg). Trump has fallen to number two, though he is on top in polls nationally and in several other early primary states.   

New national polls out today from WSJ and NBC news.. show a surging Ted Cruz. Donald Trump also up.. by four points to 27% to be the front runner, but Ted Cruz now running second at 22%. Ben Carson has fallen by a whopping 18 points to fourth place. Marco Rubio in third place up four at 15%.

New Fox polling out of Iowa shows Ted Cruz and Donald Trump take the top spots with Trump getting 26% and Cruz getting 28%. Marco Rubio gets 13%.

On the Dem side, Hillary Clinton gets 50% to Bernie Sanders 36% in Iowa.

Closing arguments today in the trial of William Porter.. the first of 6 policemen who will be tried in the death of Freddie Gray.

The far right National Front party in France had a stinging defeat in regional runoff elections this weekend.

There was an apparent terror-inspired slashing attack on a woman outside Paris. The assailant is on the run after slashing a woman in the neck and yelling something about ISIS. Benjamin Hall reporting.

Americans are being urged to flee the nation of Burundi after around 90 people were killed in political violence.

Oil continues a steep sell off. Crude oil trading below $35 a barrel. The lowest level since the great recession.