Son: Ex-Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman held in solitary in prison since talk show appearance

A defense lawyer says former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman is being held in solitary in the federal prison where he's serving time on corruption charges.

Siegelman called a liberal talk show on Oct. 15 to discuss his claims that he's innocent and a political prisoner. The Democrat blames Republicans for his prosecution.

The segment ended with Siegelman saying he was told to hang up. Siegelman's son and attorney Joseph Siegelman says the former governor was placed in solitary confinement afterward, and he's apparently been there ever since.

Officials at the Oakdale prison in Louisiana didn't return a message seeking comment. The younger Siegelman says officials haven't explained why his father is in solitary.

Siegelman is set for release in 2017 after serving more than six years for bribery and obstruction.