Feds: American who led Uganda-based counterfeiting ring married to Idi Amin's granddaughter

An American deported from Uganda and charged in a massive counterfeiting scheme has waived his detention hearing and will remain jailed.

Federal prosecutors were urging a magistrate to jail 28-year-old Ryan Gustafson because he's married to the granddaughter of that country's former dictator, Idi Amin. They said that made him a flight risk.

By waiving his right to a detention hearing Thursday, he's jailed until further notice. He could challenge it at some later date.

Gustafson faces charges that he printed at least $1.4 million in fake U.S. currency while living in Uganda.

Prosecutors say Gustafson has a daughter with Sherry Amin Gustafson, whose father remains a powerful Ugandan government official.

Human rights observers say Idi Amin killed as many as 500,000 people while ruling Uganda in the 1970s.