New Hampshire cop buys items for mom who stole ingredients to make child’s birthday cake

Portsmouth Police Officer Michael Kotsonis.

Portsmouth Police Officer Michael Kotsonis.  (Deb Cram/

A New Hampshire police officer is being hailed by an employee of a discount store for doing "the kindest thing in the entire world” by saving a child’s birthday celebration.

Officer Michael Kotsonis was called to an Ocean State Job Lot store in Portsmouth last week, where he learned that a woman stole cake mix, Crisco and frosting, according to the Portsmouth Herald.

An investigation led Kotsonis to the mother’s home and the stolen items, with the mother saying she took them to bake a child’s birthday cake, the newspaper reported.

Kotsonis, a 19-year veteran of the city’s police force, then brought the items back to the manager and bought them for the mother.

"I'm not going to take away a kid's birthday cake," he told the Portsmouth Herald. "I ended up bringing it back to the mother."

Kotsonis said “it doesn’t make it right” just because the mother didn’t steal the items for herself, “but the kid shouldn’t have to pay.”

A store employee informed the newspaper of Kotsonis’ deed, describing it as "the kindest thing in the entire world.

"If you can help someone out, you do,” Acting Deputy Police Chief Frank Warchol told the newspaper, when asked about Kotsonis’ actions.

The woman was not arrested.

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