Victims' families oppose parole of 'San Francisco witch killer'

One of the two so-called San Francisco witch killers is being considered for parole.

Suzan Carson has a hearing scheduled Wednesday to determine if she's suitable for parole. The 73-year-old and her 64-year-old husband, Michael "Bear" Carson, were convicted 30 years ago of killing three people in Northern California between 1981 and 1983. The couple said they were on a quest to rid the world of witches and others thought to oppose their religious beliefs.

Family members of their victims oppose their release.

The couple are eligible for parole because of a federal court ruling seeking to ease overcrowding at California prisons.

Michael Carson canceled his June hearing, acknowledging he still harbored his religious beliefs. He can try again in 2020.

Suzan Carson's public defender, Laura Sheppard, didn't return calls for comment.