Megan Hiatt’s hair was “caked in the blood of my daughters, the blood of my father and the blood of Rush. It’s all in there,” she told First Coast News.

The 22-year-old Florida woman said she had the realization six days after her ex-boyfriend, Gawain Rushane “Rush” Wilson, entered Hiatt’s Jacksonville home on Nov. 20, gunned down her father, killed her twin 5-month-old daughters, shot her multiple times and then killed himself.

“She had to crawl through her babies’ blood, then through the shooter’s blood, and to her dad to hear his last words"

- Melissa Bateh

“She had to crawl through her babies’ blood, then through the shooter’s blood, and to her dad to hear his last words,” Hiatt’s mother, Melissa Bateh, told First Coast News. “He wanted her to tell her brother that he was the best son ever and he loved him. That was God’s hand.”

The hand that held the gun belonged to the 28-year-old Wilson, a Navy man and the biological father of the twin girls, Hayden and Kayden.

“’Mama, he killed them,’” Bateh said, recounting Hiatt’s words. “’He killed them in my arms. He made me hold them when he killed them. He made me watch.’”

In the days since the grisly crime, Wilson’s history as a serial domestic abuser has come to light. Danielle Johnson, who told First Coast News she dated Wilson about two years ago, was asked after the couple broke up whether she thought he was capable of killing someone. She said she replied, “Yes.”

“I felt guilty because I dropped the ball,” said Johnson, who recalled one occasion when Wilson threatened her with an AK-47. “I was supposed to go get a permanent injunction and meet with a lot of other people and I didn’t because I was scared. But I wish I had – especially now.”

Wilson was primarily a verbal abuser, and mostly in private. In public, Hiatt and Johnson spoke of a charming man who would buy flowers and dote on his dates. But at home, Wilson would change, taunting, demeaning and belittling his girlfriends.

“The babies were 3 days old and he would ask, ‘When are you going to start losing weight?’” Bateh said. “[Hiatt] hadn’t even left the NICU.”

Hiatt said Wilson called her a “whore” and “lazy” because she was a stay-at-home mom.

Finally, Hiatt left Wilson – but not before he talked his way into one final, fatal meeting.

“All he wanted was to see the girls and see me before we left,” Hiatt said.

Hiatt’s father, Travis Hiatt, was at the house helping her pack when Wilson arrived, “agitated.” Before long he grabbed the gun and unleashed the unspeakable massacre.

Megan is still in the hospital dealing with physical scars – gunshot wounds to her face, wrist, mid-section and leg.

And emotional scars, too.

For instance: Wilson never let Hiatt cut her hair, the hair that was now “caked” in the blood of his victims.

That changed when Kimberly Clarke, who owns a salon in San Marco, heard about Hiatt’s story and immediately drove to her hospital room to trim, wash and style Hiatt’s hair.

“I feel pretty,” Hiatt said.