New Jersey state trooper allegedly tried to pay woman not to report crash

Police records show an on-duty New Jersey state trooper accused of driving drunk had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit when he crashed into another car at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway last month.

Documents obtained by through an open records request showed Sgt. 1st Class Michael Roadside's blood-alcohol level was 0.16 percent. The legal limit is 0.08 percent.

The driver of the other car claimed the trooper offered her $1,000 if she agreed not to report the incident.

Roadside was charged with DWI, careless driving and an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. He remains suspended without pay. reported that a trooper wrote that Roadside was “only partly dressed in uniform,” his speech slurred and his shirt appeared to have vomit on it.

His attorney, Robert Ebberup, says his client was a dedicated trooper for about 29 years and isn't commenting on the allegations.