Former Navy SEAL Speaks at Megachurch: Living for Oneself Leaves You Hungry

Navy SEAL training simulation in North Carolina.

Navy SEAL training simulation in North Carolina.  (Eddie Harrison/U.S. Navy)

Former Navy SEAL Chad Williams, who last served in Iraq, spoke at Pastor Greg Laurie's California megachurch on Sunday, sharing through his own story how living for ourselves leaves us hungry and thirsty for more, a fact that made him turn to Christ for fulfillment in life.

Williams, who was last posted in Iraq, decided to be a Navy SEAL when he was a teenager, as he wanted to do something worthwhile, something challenging in his life, he told the congregation of the Harvest Christians Fellowship in Southern California on Sunday morning.

He told his dad about it. His dad then contacted Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston on the Internet, and requested him to meet his son and tell him the reality, that he cannot become one. But when Williams met Scott, he proved himself to be serious about it. Scott began to train him on a daily basis.

In 2004, when Williams was finally about to go for his training, Scott left for an assignment in Iraq.

One day soon thereafter, Chad turned on his television and saw a smiling still image of Scott. On the ticker underneath the screen was mentioned Scott's birthdate and "March 31, 2004," separated by a dash. Then he watched the video footage of Scott, who was like a second father to him, being viciously murdered and mutilated, dragged through the streets of Fallujah and then hung upside-down from the Euphrates River Bridge, as an Iraqi mob repeatedly chanted in Arabic, "Fallujah is the graveyard of Americans."

Williams said watching that tape changed him completely, and further motivated him to make it through the SEAL training.

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