We are focused like a laser on Paris today..

There is a solo news conference from President Obama today at 10:30am.. that is expected to go at least an hour. Our full 11am hour will be devoted to the terror attacks, the news conference and analysis after the presser ends.

1030EST -- POTUS holds solo news conference. Antalya, Turkey. (HOST LIVE/STIX/TP TAPE)

The Eiffel Tower remains closed today as flags around the world are lowered half-staff in honor of the 129 people killed and more than 300 injured in the coordinated series of terror attacks on Paris Friday night.

France had a moment of silence at Noon today for the victims.

A Belgian is being pointed to as the mastermind of the attacks.. Abdelhamid Abaaoud is also suspected of being linked to attacks on a Paris high-speed train and a Paris church. 7 people have been arrested in Belgium.. that has become a hotbed of radicalized Muslim terrorists.

An international manhunt is underway for another Belgium resident  - Abdeslam Salah is 26 years old, and was born in Brussels of Muslim descent. He is the brother of two of the terrorists involved. He was likely involved in the attacks, and was briefly questioned by police after the attacks near the French border with Belgium, but was let go.

There have been raids across Belgium and France, and French authorities believe as many as 20 people may have been involved in the attacks. France carried out more than 160 raids.

Parts of France and Belgium have become hotbeds for radical Islam, and are seen as increasingly dangerous to Western democracies. Many expect a crackdown on illegal immigration to Europe from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

President Obama says it is continuing with plans to resettle as many as 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. He also says he won’t send U.S. troops to battle ISIS inside Syria and Iraq.

It is becoming a much bigger issue in the race for the White House. The Democrats had a debate on CBS Saturday night, and it turned into a debate on national security.

Both Turkey and Iraq have said they warned the French about the possibility of a terror attack, and about two of the individuals involved. Turkey says it wanted France about one of the bombers in 2014. Iraq says it warned of an imminent attack a day before the assaults.

The G-20 meeting in Turkey is focusing on a coordinated response to the terror attacks, and on what to do about Syria. It wraps up today in Antalya, Turkey, and President Obama has met with our closest European allies, but has also had several long conversations with Russian President Putin.

France and the United States have dramatically stepped up air strikes on parts of Syria seen as hosting radical Islamic terrorists.. place like Raqqa, Syria.

We’ve got Fox team coverage today including Bill Hemmer, Kevin Corke, James Rosen, Amy Kellogg, Greg Palkot, Kitty Logan, Catherine Herridge, David Lee Miller, Rick Leventhal and Steve Harrigan.