Baptist Leaders Unite to 'See Racism End in Our Generation'

Ronnie Floyd.

Ronnie Floyd.  (Eric Albrecht/Columbus Dispatch via AP)

Leaders of the nation's two largest Baptist denominations gathered in Mississippi for a summit centered on racial unity and reconciliation.

Sponsored by Mission Mississippi, the Wednesday event featured Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd and National Baptist Convention, USA President Jerry Young.

NBC, USA is a historically African-American denomination and the SBC was originally founded by pro-slavery whites.

During an interview with The Christian Post, Floyd spoke about not only the Mission Mississippi event but being involved alongside Young with an event titled "A National Conversation on Racial Unity."

"We both agreed to ask 10 pastors from each of our respective conventions to join us. We also agreed upon the content we wanted to discuss and together navigated through this conversation with these 20 pastors," recalled Floyd.

"We determined to let others view the conversation and take some of their questions. I thought there would be maybe 50 people. I was informed we had around 400 people."

Regarding his experiences at the summit, Floyd told CP there were "solemn and painful moments, but also hopeful and joyful moments."

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